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  Iron Ore is our major business; Iron is one of the most common elements on Earth, comprising about five per cent of the Earth’s crust. Iron is the key ingredient in the production of steel, one of the most fundamental and durable products for modern day living, with uses from railways to hair pins. We always focus in ways to produce more tonnes and better quality.

  Our businesses include open pit and underground mines and mills. We have a team of experts from The States who help us in operation. We even enjoy the privileges of owning our own port for export activities, which helps to enhance our smooth operations and also saving production cost. Through integrated supply chain management and extensive quality control measures, consistency of output is well assured.

  In addition to the stable development of the iron ore industry, the company also developing in coal mining industry, with our foresight and years of experience in the iron mining industry, therefore, to expand in coal industry is absolutely a stable layout and explicit market strategies, with our elite team members, we really play a good role in the coal mining industry.

  Coal is the most important solid fuel, a combustible organic rock. It is lush plant growth by a certain geological age, in a suitable geological environment, gradually accumulated to form a thicker layer, and buried underwater or sediment, and formed natural coalification after long geological ages.

  The carbon content of coal is generally 46 ~ 97%, brown to black color, with a dim to a metallic luster. Difference depending on the coal ranking, coal can be divided into four categories of peat, lignite, bituminous coal and anthracite.

  The coal land resources of Vin Feng International Ltd is much wider, therefore we use open-pit mining technique. We do have underground mining as well.

  We sell our products domestically as well as to customers in other parts of the world. Our main export markets are directed to industries in China, the largest consumer of iron ore, which is well known as the world's largest steel producing country. Meanwhile, we are expanding to other Asia countries such as Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia, Japan, India, Thailand, the Philippines.

  Vin Feng International Ltd. continues to maintain sales to customers under term contracts of at least 5 years or longer to guarantee the highest level of customer support in handling, storage and utilization of our products. Partnership relationships are sought with clear communications between Vin Feng International Ltd. and its customers. We are trustworthy and customers orientated to ensure the delivery of the benefit for all parties.

  PD. Baratala Tuntung Padang is one of our one of our business partner at Pelaihari Area, Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. The mining site which covers a total area of 3000 hectares has several contractor and factories for processing. For business expansion, we aim to build a long-term cooperation or even to joint venture with the local factories.

  Cilacap is located at the south of Jawa. This area is the important port for the export of iron sand. Here, we have our business partner in its commercial. 58% ~ 56% of high ilmenite sand and 55% ~ 53% of iron with minimum of 3 shipments per month, 30 thousand tonne per shipment.

  In the mature mining market of Indonesia, we are actively involved with the restructuring of the steel industry and will continue to demonstrate a strong presence with strengthening our sales power. Through these measures, we plan to position our business at the forefront of the global mining distribution industry.

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